TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder

Modal/Popup Automation

for Blocs

Cadence is powerful modal automation for Blocs websites. The popup engine that will change your website marketing.

The popup builder engine for Blocs.

Plenty of Rules

Daliy, monthly, first visit and many more!

Create Popup Urls Triggers

Link directly to your popups.

Universal Usage

Works with Blocs modals and Modal Designer.

Scroll Depth Trigger

Open modals based on scroll depth

Schedule Automatic Popup

Specific date to show your modal.

Mix and Match Triggers

Some rules can be used together.

The Sidebar UI

cadence open-menu
cadence schedule
general sectioncadence urlsupport
cadence visitnumber
TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website BuilderTextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder

A deep integration with Blocs app.

Cadence is tightly integrated into Blocs website builder, including haptic feedback and in-app updates.

cadence open-menu
Cadence Example Settings
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