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TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder

Real Marketing Popups

Modal Designer
for Blocs

Available for Blocs 4 with Bootstrap 5

Modal Designer is a new type of Bootstrap modal. It’s incredibly fast and efficient with many improved behaviors. 

Design modals and popups that impress… fast.

Tons of Design Options

Dress up those modals the right way.

Addtional Size Control

Refined from experience to get the job done.

Easy Pro Layouts 

Works with Blocs modals and Modal Designer.

Image Filters

Recolor modal hero images with a slider drag. 

Ken Burns Effect

Pull, push or pan animation for your hero pic.

New Responsive Behavior

Reimagined responsive options

The Sidebar UI

cadence open-menugeneral section
cadence schedulecadence schedulegeneral section
general sectioncadence schedule
cadence visitnumbercadence urlsupport
TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website BuilderTextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder

A deep integration with Blocs app.

Modal Designer is tightly integrated into Blocs website builder, including haptic feedback and in-app updates.

*Requires Blocs 4 with Bootstrap 5

modal designer open-menu
Cadence Example Settings
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