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Read More for Blocs website builder


Read More
for Blocs

Rethink truncated text and treat it as a design element. Add interaction in clever places and make better experiences.

Read More for Blocs website builder


Read More v1.3

This is truly a robust solution for "read more" text. There are plenty of Read More plugins for other platforms so we made the definitive solution for Blocs. It's beyond what you'd expect from a truncated text tool. This solution is usefu read more...

The beautiful way to truncate text.

Many Style Options

Tight integration with Blocs and plenty of sidebar controls.

Truncate by Character

Truncate text character by character for precise breaks in text.

Inline and Newline

Truncate text in mid sentence or make a newline for the additional text.

Optional Gradient Overlay

Optional gradient overlay controls for a elegant faded text effect.

Custom Labels

Custom labels for the “read more…” and “read less” link/label.

Optional Smooth Reveal

Reveals the truncated text with a smooth accordion style animation.

A truly stylish way to read more.

Read More for Blocs website builderRead More for Blocs website builder

A deep integration with Blocs app.

Read More is tightly integrated into Blocs website builder, including haptic feedback and in-app updates.

Read More Settings
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