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TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder


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Reflow is a free javascript library that supports PayPal and Stripe payments. Sign up at

An Ecommerce Toolkit

Easy to Setup

Easy to Setup.

13 Custom Extensions

No Extra Fees

Blocs Template Included

Get Started Quickly

I really think that reflow will continue to grow. It's added so many new features! As it does grow, so will the Reflow for Blocs project of course. Right now there are 13 custom brics included this package (plus 1 Blocs template).

These custom brics make it possible to use the service with Blocs website builder and no-code is needed. 

This set of 13 brics comes with template a template that you can use on your own projects. it is the same template used for our demo shop here:

Getting Started

1. Sign up at

2. Add products, categories and variants to your account.

3. Take note of the Product ID and Category ID as needed.

4. Add the reflow-resource bric to a Blocs Global area, preferrably the footer. Include the Store ID (you’ll find it in the url)

5. Complete setting up the website using Reflow custom brics.

TextBloc Bric for Blocs Website BuilderTextBloc Bric for Blocs Website Builder

A deep integration with Blocs app.

Reflow is tightly integrated into Blocs website builder, including haptic feedback and in-app updates.

TextBloc Bric settings for Blocs Website Builder
TextBloc Settings
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