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Media Query for Blocs website builder


Dynamic Breakpoints
for Blocs

Make custom breakpoints without writing code. You can auto-assign custom classes when your query is within range and more.

Build media queries without coding skill

Device orientation notice

Customizable notice displayed when the content is best viewed rotating device. 

Dynamic content loading

Load content from any other page in your blocs website using dynamic page picker.

Viewport or parent element

Setup breakpoints using the viewport (traditional) or the parent element.

Auto class assignment

Automatically assign and remove classes when the query is within range.

Unlimited breakpoints

Stack as many queries as you need, setting up unique rules for each one.

Multiple detection methods

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Unlimited Dynamic Breakpoints 

Media Query for Blocs website builderMedia Query for Blocs website builder

A deep integration with Blocs app.

Media Query for Blocs is tightly integrated into Blocs website builder, including haptic feedback and in-app updates.

Media Query settings for Blocs website builder
Media Query Sidebar
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